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Our key interests

Marine and other aquatic nutrient cycling (past and present) (C/N/O/H)

Foodsources of mouse lemurs, reptiles and amphibians (C/N)

Paleo climate reconstructions (C/O)

Experimental isotope tracer investigations in the coral host and symbiont system in tropical coral reefs (C/N).

Paleo anthropologic and archaeological investigations (C/N) 

PD Dr. Ulrich Struck

Head of laboratory


Tel.: +49 (0) 30 2093 8552
Fax: +40(0) 30 2093 8565


Our instruments

2x Thermo Delta V

1x Thermo Delta plus

2x Thermo Flash EA (C/N)

1x Thermo Gasbench II

1x Conflo IV

1x Conflo III

1x Conflo II

1x Picarro 1102-i H2O Isotopic CRDS

1x Picarro g1101 CO2 Isotopic CRDS

1x IO-System for DIC – DOC – TOC Preparation coupled with Picarro CO2 CRDS

Publications sorted according to topics

Palaeo studies

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Coral Reef studies (incl. isotope tracer studies)

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Marine food webs and nutrients cycles in aquatic realms

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Food sources

Rakotondranary, S.,Struck, U., Knoblauch, C. and Ganzhorn, J. U. (2011). Regional, seasonal and interspecific variation in 15N and 13C in sympatric mouse lemurs . NaturwissenschaftenDOI 10.1007/s00114-011-0840-x.